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I have decided to dust off this blog and update it for 2017. The main reason for doing so it that I want to start writing more posts which are not entirely about software testing. I know I made a few posts about R on my testing blog last year but deep down they were all testing themed. If I wrote about analysing data, it was data collected from software testers or data about software testing conferences.

2016 Highlights

When I think about 2016, it was a very good year and I was able to accomplish a lot.

Some of the highlights for me were:

  • Learning Go
  • Learning R
  • Learning how to give a tech talk
  • Speaking at Newcastle Agile Testing meetup
  • Speaking at R North East meet up
  • Supporting and helping to run the R North East meet up
  • Conducting research into software testers and publishing the results
  • Testing an FX trading platform with good results and receiving fantastic feedback
  • Publishing my most popular software testing blog post to date “Lonely Testers Survival Guide”
  • Submitting my first proposal to speak at a conference

2016 Post mortem

For me, 2016 had two very distinct halves. The first half I spent learning Go. Writing code that made use of Go’s http package really levelled up my understanding of web apps. This in turn enabled me to do some very good testing in my day job (testing an FX trading platform). I also started building a web app with Go that would help me practice violin scales.

In the summer of 2016 I had a crazy idea to survey a large number of Software Testers. Having a need to perform statistical analysis on the results lead to me learning R. Understanding R improved my understanding of statistics and data. I wrote a reactive web app using an R webframe work called Shiny.

Throughout 2016 as well as Go and R I continued writing and speaking about software testing. I think my activity for the year was roughly divided 50% testing, 25% Go, 25% R.

2017 Goals

For 2017, I want to start dialing down the amount of projects I complete related to software testing. I did a lot in 2016 and I feel my level of ability within testing discipline is very high. It takes a lot of effort to improve something you are already very good at. It doesn’t take much effort to improve something you are not that good at.

I have started distilling down the knowledge I learned from testing an FX trading platform for the last 18 months. I intend to publish this piece of work on my software testing blog then start exploring some non-testing projects for a little while.

I’m hoping this year I can spend 25% of my effort on testing projects, 25% on R and data projects and 50% on getting better at Golang.

I want to revisit Go. I want to build on the code I wrote last year and make it better. I want to learn new things and build new things. I want to blog about it. I want to speak about it. I want to help and contribute towards other people’s projects too.